El Cantil Ecolodge's Sustainability Policy

“At El Cantil Ecolodge Hotel we are committed to developing our enterprise within a sustainable frame, seeking improved economic and social conditions for our surrounding communities, working for conservation, protection of the environment and of our cultural heritage. We do this hand in hand with local communities, always adhering to current laws; we also take care to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and guests, and always maintaining our facilities in the best conditions.”

The owners of El Cantil believe it's vital that the ecolodge actively participates with community projects, so our hotel is committed to helping our surrounding communities. We have focused our attention mainly on community projects before environmental ones because we have discovered that working with nature without first working with people is a waste of time, as a community without a good quality of life, education and knowledge will prey on nature in order to survive. We will tell you about a few of our community projects as we know you would like to know what we do in this beautiful region. 
Campaign to eliminate the academic gap: Every year we give out school supplies to all the students in the communities near El Cantil. Lack of school supplies was generating a high rate of school desertion and lack of enthusiasm for academics. We also improved conditions in the school and made some donations for the teachers like whiteboards and other didactic materials such as books, markers, calculators, rules and other school supplies. 
Eliminating the business gap: Our aim is to train the community with entrepreneurial tools by placing value on knowledge and local traditions, as we believe it's highly important for local businesses to position themselves within the tourism value chain. With these approaches we are looking to facilitate local entrepreneurship by generating better living conditions and therefore a healthier self-esteem in the community. 
Community surfing programme: We train and instil values in young surfers, motivating local kids by holding meetings and showing them a good example of living by not doing drugs and setting goals in sports and our lives. We donate surf boards so local surfers can practise and we hold at least two surf competitions a year. We also encourage visiting surfers to participate and support us and local surfers by donating their boards for those involved in the surf programme. We also look for sponsors for outstanding local surfers. 
Special programmes: On certain occasions projects present themselves in conjuncture with tourism operators, schools and NGOs which support the community with specific topics in which we actively participate. One example is the improvement of the school in Termales, and the libraries in Termales and Joví. 


School supply kits for the school children.

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Video: School supply kits for the school children.

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