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Have you ever dreamed of surfing world-class waves on beautiful empty beaches, while you admire the jungle and swim in the Pacific Ocean (without a wetsuit)? If you have, then El Cantil is the perfect ecolodge for you to stay at if you want to surf freely, without dozens of athletic young surfers fighting over the best waves. It's also the perfect place to rest up after a full day in the sun and surf. 
You can expect the best services from the staff at El Cantil. Our hotel has been catalogued by Lonely Planet Colombia tourist guide as the number one ecolodge in Colombia, and has also been featured in National Geographic Traveler's favourite hotels in South America
You can surf waves that break over reefs or beaches, like the Pico de Loro (parrot beak), Pela-Pela, El Chorro (The Jet), Juan Tornillo (Juan Screw), Río Terco (Stubborn River) and more. The most famous and consistent waves (coming from the south or south-west) can only be reached by boat between the months of April and December. But there are also waves breaking only a short distance from El Cantil's surf lodge, although they're not as regular and break mostly between January and March, or with big south-west and westerly swells. All of the waves known today in the region have been discovered and named by us. 
Our surf guides are a handful of people who know the optimal conditions of the waves as far as tides, swells (direction of the surf) and the recommended time of year to surf each wave. We have met surfers at the airport in Nuquí who stayed at other lodges and had to leave before they got to ride any waves, while we were surfing 6 foot waves during the same time period. Because of our reputation, professionals and world-renowned surfers, among them Adriano de Souza (ranked 6th in the world in 2008 and 5th in 2009), have chosen our surf package, assuring themselves the best selection of waves to surf every day of their stay. 
Because we are surfers, we have designed our programme for surfers: we know the waves, the boards, the weather, and we know the region's conditions. Our knowledge and experience guarantee that you will have the best possible experience during your surf vacation with us. 
We are the only place in the region with a stock of surf boards for rent, and we have a wide variety of boards like longboards, funboards, shortboards, bodyboards and paddleboards. We have gone on surf holidays and we know what a travelling surfer needs. We will give you the best natural nourishment so your muscles can recover from the daily physical efforts: we want to ensure you never miss a wave because you're tired or hungry. And because there is no need to share waves with a crowd, you could rest freely between your sessions and not worry that you might not be able to catch a good wave later or that the surf will be too crowded. 
For additional muscle relaxation we also visit Termales natural thermal hot springs after surfing outings on the boat. The warm waters will give you a restful sleep so you feel replenished the next day. We always make sure visiting surfers have water, juice and snacks on the boat, and on occasion, if the surfers wish, we can take a packed lunch and eat on the boat, saving time on returning to the hotel for meals. Our boat drivers know how to handle surf boards and will give them the best treatment. They will also help the on-duty photographer, making sure the boat is in the best position to get the perfect angles, and they will give recommendations on where the photographer should enter the water. The driver will be watching the photographer so he or she will be quickly picked up when the job is done. 
To make sure you enjoy every aspect of your stay, each room has a terrace and a hammock where you can rest, or simply lay back and enjoy the natural surroundings of the hotel. The rooms also have a spacious and clean private bathroom with jungle views. Our restaurant has a beautiful ocean view which you can enjoy while you savour our exquisite seafood menu. We want you to be able to disconnect from the city and enjoy a beautifully conserved, natural location. 
(Please check what this programme includes at the end of this section.)


Surf in Nuquí, Chocó

You will find the best waves to surf in Nuquí.

Surf Package prices


From January 13th to April 2nd - From April 13th to May 31st - From October 13th to December 13th 

3 nights/2 boat trips
4 nights/2 boat trips
5 nights/3 boat trips
6 nights/3 boat trips
7 nights/3 boat trips
7 nights/4 boat trips
Additional night


Additional Boat Trip  (Cabo Corrientes)
1 Person                    $ 
2 Persons                  $ 
3 Persons                  $ 
4 Persons or more    $ 


From April 3rd to 12th (Easter week), From June 1st to October 12th, From December 14th/2020 to January 11th/21



Multiple Double Single
3 nights/2 Boat Trips $
4 nights/2 Boat Trips
5 nights/3 Boat Trips $    $                     
6 nights/3 Boat Trips $     $                $    
7 nights/3 Boat Trips $
7 nights4 Boat Trips $
Additional Night $


Additional Boat Trip  (Cabo Corrientes)


1 Person                    $ 
2 Persons                  $ 
3 Persons                  $ 
4 Persons or more    $ 




- Welcome at Nuquí's airport.
- Speed boat transfer from the airport in Nuquí to El Cantil and back to the airport (travelling along the coast with life vests for each passenger).
- Lodging in comfortable rooms with private bathroom, beds with mosquito nets, built-in wardrobe and a terrace with an ocean view.
- Number of boat trips depending of your choice.
- All meals are included (we have an exquisite fish menu).
- Guided walks to the Waterfall of Love and along the beach to Termales.
- Hotel insurance and souvenir.



- Air fare. Charter flights from Medellín every day. El Cantil can book your tickets for you, but any change in scheduling is the airline's responsibility.
- Tourism tax in Nuquí (COP $ 15.000 per person).
- Liquor and other items not specified in the programme.
- Speedboat surf outings.


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El Cantil Ecolodge's Sustainability Policiy

“At El Cantil Ecolodge Hotel we are committed to developing our enterprise within a sustainable frame, seeking improved economic and social conditions More...

Surf Videos

Enjoy the Oakley Surf Team Videos at El Cantil:

Oakley Surf Team Video at El Cantil. Parte I

Oakley Surf Team en hotel El Cantil. Parte II

Oakley Surf Team en hotel El Cantil. Parte III

Oakley Surf Team en hotel El Cantil. Parte IV

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