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Have you always wanted to learn how to surf? Would you like to learn to surf with expert teachers while you're on vacation? 
El Cantil's surf lodge is the best place to learn to surf. You will have all the freedom you need to learn on an empty beach with easy waves to start with. You can be sure there won't be crowds of surfers on the waves and you will learn the basic skills you need on boards specifically designed for teaching beginners. The lessons are all carried out under the supervision of a local instructor who will correct your every move so you don't waste any time and can quickly start to ride the waves. 
We don't want you to waste your money, and we base our guarantee on the fact that we are surfing pioneers in Nuquí, with over ten years more practical and knowledgeable experience than other surf schools. We want to invite you to learn how to surf with us—experts of Colombia's Pacific coast. 
The surf courses take place on the beaches in front of our ecolodge-style hotel, where you can go rest comfortably after being in the surf. The waves at these beaches are ideal for beginners, and as your surfing level improves, we will start taking you to bigger breaks that match your personal skills and preferences. All of this will be done under the strictest safety guidelines; our staff know all the local waves, as they have been found and named by us. 
If you're looking to learn how to surf and you want your experience to be backed by quality and professionalism, have no doubt that El Cantil is the best option for you. If you're seeking the cheapest prices rather than quality, you can always find other options. But you won't find a nicer crew with more years of experience than the staff at our surf lodge. 
El Cantil has been catalogued by Lonely Planet Colombia tourist guide as the number one ecolodge in Colombia, and has also been featured in National Geographic Traveler's favourite hotels in South America



We have all types of boards for rent, which you can rent out to surf on your own or as part of our surfing courses.
Rental and course options
Boogie board rental (per day)
$ 103.000
Boogie board rental (per hour)
$ 30.000
Surf board rental (per day)
$ 105.000
Surf board rental (per hour)
$ 32.000
Surf course (per person)
$ 337.000
Half surf course (per person)

$ 204.000



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“At El Cantil Ecolodge Hotel we are committed to developing our enterprise within a sustainable frame, seeking improved economic and social conditions  Read more...

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