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 From the moment you arrive at our ecolodge hotel in Nuquí you will be met by a dedicated staff with over eighteen years of experience. Our lodge-style hotel has seven rooms which, like everything else at El Cantil, have been created for nature lovers, divers, surfers and people who need to take a break from the overwhelming pace and stress of the city. Our friendly and respectful team is always thinking about our guests, and because we know your holidays are very important, from the moment you arrive we are focused on giving you the best service, offering multiple activities and short trips in the surrounding area of the hotel that will allow you to have the best vacation possible in Nuquí—one of the best preserved natural destinations in Colombia. 

El Cantil has been catalogued by Lonely Planet Colombia tourist guide as the number one ecolodge in Colombia. We have also been featured in National Geographic Traveler's favourite hotels in South America where they named El Cantil the second best green hotel in Colombia.  

As a legal and certified micro-company we stay away from corrupt practises, oppose tax evasion, and aim to achieve our objectives under the principles of sustainability and care of our natural environment and local communities. We orient our community projects towards support for our surrounding communities in three different ways: through education by looking to minimise the academic gap in the country; encouraging local entrepreneurship by helping locals to position themselves in the tourism value chain to improve their quality of life; and by providing support in sports like surfing for local children and youths. 

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Read the following profile of our happiest and most satisfied guests to help you decide and evaluate if our hotel will make you happy:  

Our guests are looking for a natural environment that hasn't overdeveloped its tourism industry and offers a natural setting for activities such as surfing and hiking; a quiet place where they can spend quality time with their partner or family with no distractions. They're usually cultured people who are interested in literature, being in good health, travelling and learning about other cultures. They inform themselves before travelling and are eager to try the local cuisine. Our customers like to reflect in a peaceful place and talk to other travellers and locals; they have a high environmental conscience and are sensitive towards low income communities. They're people who want to show their kids that life is more than shopping malls and virtual fantasies; that reality can overcome the imaginary. They're looking not just for the kind of luxury you would find at a common hotel, nor for a cheap place to stay, but for a serious and professional hotel that values quality, supports legality and assists the communities they work in. Our customers appreciate good value but are not on a constant hunt for a bargain; they expect great service, demand sustainable practises and avoid false eco-practises (green washing).


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El Cantil Ecolodge's Sustainability Policiy

  “At El Cantil Ecolodge Hotel we are committed to developing our enterprise within a sustainable frame, seeking improved economic and social conditions     Read more...

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El Cantil adheres to Law 679 of 2001 of the Colombian constitution and warns its customers of the legal consequences of sexual exploitation and abuse of minors. 

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