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Have you been dreaming of a vacation where you can go whale watching? El Cantil Ecolodge Hotel is the best place in Chocó for whale watching and resting in a comfortable, lodge-style hotel. You can see the whales from our restaurant while you enjoy an exquisite seafood or vegetarian breakfast. Our strategic location will allow you to see the whales jumping in the water right in front of the hotel; better yet, you can take a tour on one of our speedboats to see the whales close up. Our Whale Watching Package includes two boat outings. 
We have our own fibreglass speed boats, both Eduardoño brand and in optimal condition. Each boat is fully equipped with life vests for each passenger and a guide from the hotel will be with you during the outing. Whale season in Nuquí starts in early June and continues until October (meaning it lasts for more than four months). Our guide will instruct you with the rules you must keep in mind so your whale watching boat trip is comfortable and safe, and so you can enjoy the whales and take amazing photographs. Our guide will also tell you about the whales and their environment, all with the typical warmth and kindness of our staff. 
At El Cantil we have characterised ourselves for giving our guests the best treatment and we try to show this in every aspect of your stay. Each room has a terrace and a hammock where you can rest, or simply lay back and enjoy the natural surroundings of the hotel. Every room also has a spacious and clean private bathroom with jungle views. Our restaurant has a beautiful ocean view which you can enjoy while you savour our exquisite seafood menu. We want you to be able to disconnect from the city and enjoy a beautifully conserved, natural location. 
El Cantil has been catalogued by Lonely Planet Colombia tourist guide as the number one ecolodge in Colombia, and has also been featured in National Geographic Traveler's favourite hotels in South America
Our whale watching experience
We have over 18 years of experience with whale watching at El Cantil and this is why we know what our guests are looking for and how to provide them with all the required safety measures. Our boat drivers and guides are mature and experienced people who can guarantee safety aboard a whale watching tour in Nuquí. Luckily we have never had an accident, due to the quality of our equipment—which we maintain according to the whale watching protocols—and the professionalism that has always characterised our service. You will also have access to books and documents on whales in our library. 
Why is Nuquí a good place for observing humpback whales? 
Nuquí is located in the Gulf of Tribugá in the Chocó department of Colombia. It's a strategic place for whale watching due to its warm, calm waters, free of strong currents and with little boat traffic; these qualities make it a safe haven for mothers and their newborn calfs. 
Whales visit Nuquí between the months of June and October. They can be seen about 200 metres away from the boat, and we try to maintain a respectful distance so as not to invade their space and to provide better safety for our guests. Even though humpback whales are very tame and occasionally friendly, in Nuquí we follow the “responsible whale-watching practises” recommended internationally. On occasion the whales approach our boat, because we have always had respect for them in the region, allowing you to take amazing photographs. It's a beautiful, unforgettable experience, and you can enjoy it in one of Colombia's most pristine locations, a place where you can truly appreciate the beauty of creation.
(Please check what this programme includes at the end of this section.)


The Humpback Whale

Whale watching for the humpback or Yubarta whales in Nuquí, Chocó

Whale Watching Package





From July 1st to October 12th 


Multiple Double Single Children (2 to 11 year old)
2 nights $   1.174.000 $ 1.300.000 $ 1.448.000 $    972.000
3 nights $  1.480.000 $ 1.669.000 $ 1.891.000 $ 1.209.000
4 nights $ 1.786.000 $ 2.038.000   $2.334.000  $ 1.446.000
5 nights $2.092.000    

$ 2.407.000             

$ 2.777.000   $ 1.683.000
Additional night $   306.000 $   369.000 $   443.000 $    237.000
Additional 3 hour long whale watching trip $   150.000 $   150.000 $   150.000 $      118.000





- Welcome at Nuquí's airport.
- Speed boat transfer from the airport in Nuquí to El Cantil and back to the airport (travelling along the coast with life vests for each passenger)
- Lodging in comfortable rooms with private bathroom, beds with mosquito nets, built-in wardrobe and a terrace with an ocean view.
- All meals are included (we have an exquisite fish menu).
- Guided walks to the Waterfall of Love and along the beach to Termales.
- Two whale watching speedboat tours.
- Hotel insurance and souvenir.



- Air fare. Charter flights from Medellín every day. El Cantil can book your tickets for you, but any change in scheduling is the airline's responsibility.
- Tourism tax in Nuquí (COP $ 15.000 per person).
- Liquor and other items not specified in the programme.


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El Cantil Ecolodge's Sustainability Policiy

“At El Cantil Ecolodge Hotel we are committed to developing our enterprise within a sustainable frame, seeking improved economic and social conditions More...

Video: Whale Watching Nuqui Choco Colombia

Video: Humpbacks whales Nuquí, Chocó, Colombia

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